Deposit Your Check Anywhere, Any time

With LCCU's free Remote Deposit Capture you can deposit checks directly into your account simply by taking a picture of the check with your smartphone or tablet.  Simply log in to the Mobile App, select Deposit Check, choose the account for deposit, take a picture of the front and back and you're done.  Deposit your check anywhere, any time.  It's that easy!  You can access the Mobile Remote Check Deposit within the LCCU Mobile App. 

Best of all, Mobile Deposit is a FREE feature of our mobile app!
  1. Tap Deposit Check once signed in to the App
  2. Select the account to deposit to
  3. Enter the deposit amount
  4. Touch the box to take a picture of the front and back of your check
  5. Submit to make your deposit

Mobile Deposit Tips:

  • Always endorse your check with signature, account number and letters "RDC"
  • Take photos in an area with appropriate lighting
  • Avoid shadows
  • Keep your paper check for at least 60 days

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