Monday, October 20, 2014 
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On October 2nd we were made aware that there was unauthorized access to Albertsons and Supervalu stores’ payment processing system. The unauthorized access may impact consumers who made a purchase with their debit or credit card in an Albertsons store from June 22nd 2014 to July 17th 2014 or August 27th 2014 to September 21st at one of the stores located in Southern California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Southern Utah, Washington and Wyoming. If you have visited an Albertsons or Supervalu store during these dates in one of these states, we recommend closely monitoring your account statements. If you discover any suspicious or unusual activity on your accounts report it to us immediately. Our fraud monitoring will continue to be in place to help protect our members from fraudulent transactions.

Below is a link to the Albertsons Corporate webpage with updated news about the breach.


Due to Debit and Credit card fraud we have blocked the following states and countries CA, FL, GA, VA, NJ, NY, Russia and India. This is to protect both our members and the Credit Union from any loss. If you plan to travel to one of these states please contact us at (406) 293-7771.


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