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If you need to change your Debit Card PIN# please call 1-866-297-3411. In order to change your PIN, you will need the PIN that was mailed to you.

  • Open a Browser and type
  • Click the green text that reads Im already a Member! Enroll Me Now!
  • Members enter their Member Number, Social Security Number, Email (twice to confirm), and Date of Birth.
  • Read and agree to the terms of the Home Banking Online Disclosure by checking the box and select sign up.
  • There will be a message that states the Member is successfully registered and a temporary password has been sent to email provided. Select click here to login.
  • Re-Enter Member Number to log-in. Answer 3 security questions and choose a confidence word between 4 and 40 characters. Select Save.
  • There will be a message stating that confidence word is set and click here to login.
  • Confidence word is displayed and Member enters temporary password that was sent to email, login.
  • Login ID - Enter Member Number, current temporary password (sent to you in an email), and type in a new password twice to confirm. (New password has to be at least 8 characters, contain 1 uppercase letter and one special character from the following: !,@, #, $, %.) Select, change.
  • You will be automatically logged out and redirected to a new login screen.

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